Alright, so I told you that I left South Dakota, but I was very deliberate and never publicly stated where I moved to. Why? The reason is simple:  I spent some time fearing for my safety due to recent circumstances (if you are completely lost, check out my previous blog posts). But I’ve spent time slowly taking my power back, and I’m here to let you know that I’ve moved to San Antonio, Texas! I recently became a legitimate Texas resident (driver’s license and all) and I think that Texas law states that I can officially start using the term “y’all” (I literally just had to look up how to spell that correctly FYI). And Y’ALL, what an adventure it’s been.

13 things I have learned from my move:

  1. A lesson I didn’t necessarily learn because I moved here but just learned while I was here….I am soooo not ready to date. Like at all. That was a fun, short lived experience. You see, my people know that I go days without responding to most text messages…but in the dating world it’s considered “ghosting”…No, I’m just ignoring you for a couple of days… It’s different.
  2. Growth comes from being pushed outside of your comfort zone. And I don’t know any more challenging way to be pushed out of your comfort zone than to move across the country by yourself.
  3. Going back to #2…people have a looottt of questions (some that go unasked for awhile) when they find out you moved so far away from home by yourself. The puzzled looks I get are equivalent to the confused look I get on my face while driving in this city.
  4. Speaking of driving…you drive for survival here. Unlike the traffic buildup due to tractors driving on the highway in the Midwest, rush hour does exist in bigger cities.
  5. Staying on the topic of the Midwest…I’m a walking billboard that states “Not from these parts” by using words like “oofta” and “supper” and “pop”. My next goal is to use the words “y’all” and “oofta” in the same sentence. What a conundrum that would be.
  6. The rumors are true – Chislic and pickle beers are strictly a Midwest thing. Don’t worry, I’m doing my due diligence to get the word out.
  7. Roller skating is an actual thing that real live adult humans do…and not just the creepy ones. This is one of those things that you just have to see for yourself, because I cannot describe the unique level that some of these people are on. It’s legit.
  8. It takes Siri approximately 5 months to update your home address automatically.
  9. Breakfast tacos.
  10. Bigger city = more connections + more options and more opportunities. It’s exciting. I’m continuously evolving as I take on more that this adventurous city has to offer.
  11. You don’t realize how much every single person has in common until you get to know people at their most vulnerable core. I have literally had no choice but to get to know fascinating and extraordinary strangers in recent months by just simply talking to them.
  12. I breath easier in a city infamous for allergies.
  13. You really can start over.

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