Light-Hearted Life Lessons

I made pretty bad decisions literally all the years of my early 20s (I know I’m not alone). Consequently, I learned some significant life lessons. I mean it took a long time, but here we are. I can now say confidently that I am secure in who I am and in the decisions I make. (And the fact that my mom agrees with most of my life choices these days is mind blowing!)

So if I could give advice to my 20 year old self, (that I find applicable to most people in their early 20s) it would be this:

  1. Floss.
  2. Follow older people’s advice…especially if they have been through it. You are not the exception, and you don’t always have to learn the hard way…You are SO stubborn.
  3. For the love of God, don’t get a credit card. You aren’t ready for that kind of responsibility. Do you even know what a credit score is?
  4. Dude, just finish college.
  5. Quit dating assholes. If that guy was really interested in you, you wouldn’t have to chase after him. Stop. You’re acting like a fool.
  6. If you’re going to go out and get sloppy drunk, the least you could do is leave your phone behind. You can’t afford to keep losing them like this.
  7. Love yourself. Come onnnn! Quit speaking so negatively to yourself.
  8. You aren’t as fat as you think you are. Actually, you aren’t fat at all.
  9. That breakup isn’t the end of the world; I promise.
  10. Listen to your intuition. If it’s telling you that you are in a dangerous situation, it’s right. It’s always right.
  12. You really don’t need that 2AM post bar McDonald’s. You aren’t going to remember how fantastic it tasted in the morning anyway.
  13. Go to church.
  14. Stop ignoring that rattling sound in your car.
  15. I know you call your mom at least once a day asking questions like “How do I brown hamburger?” but call your Grandma. See what she’s up to.
  16. It’s okay to not date anyone for a while. Just chill.
  17. Talk to a therapist. Seriously. Find someone that suites you, and just talk. It’s the best investment you can make towards your self-worth.
  18. Quit shying away from who you are because it makes other people uncomfortable. Embrace and explore that side of you, and also…cut those negative people out of your life. They can’t handle what you’re all about.
  19. I’m proud of you. You should be proud of you.
  20. Drink water. Go to the gym. And eat better. (If you can acquire a taste for beer, you can eat a gahhdamn vegetable.)


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